i got job, but...never been better, no matter what i done never been approved/satisfied by others. maybe i really don't belong anyplace and so stupid enough to compensate with others

i got lover, but...never been acknowledge my feeling, so perhaps she need someone perfect where she no need to give a chance for me or wait for nothing as she so sure 100% know about myself

i got friend/s, but...never been forever, maybe i am nothing for them as they never been happy with me and never got my hand when they need something. Perhaps, they already acknowledge, judge me as they want but truly people make mistake and will change as time flow.

i got someone closer, but...never got a chance to start over. despite no matter i try to prove myself as wanted and being better in live to build/deepen our feeling, then so sudden we broke and they just being silent forgetting what they've done so far (never try to understand, put decision for me)

i got my family, but....never and never make they proud of me, plus they just got embarrassed with me. maybe they saw me how unlucky i am, always got bad news especially in relationship

i got my life, but..never been fine with the matters above

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